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Personal protective equipment is essential as it provides more safety against the risks of damage and injury and provides extra protection in case of an accident and infection. The use of PPE is emphasized to ensure the safety of the people working in a workplace setting by protecting them from any injury, illness or death. PPE is termed an important preventive measure that is essential for performing tasks that may risk the health of the public.

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Consider face masks as an effective control strategy, and we provide, N95 masks, KN95 masks, surgical masks and face shields. Gloves are also in dire need of use as they are necessary for keeping the hands clean preventing any germs from the objects and surfaces to transfer to the body surface. Working in a laboratory or hospital where there is a constant risk of exposure to germs from blood, bodily fluids, body tissues, mucous membranes and broken skin requires the use of gloves.



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Product Line


N95 masks for maximum protection in various models, 1860/1870/9210/8210/1804 and more.

AAMI Level 2 Gowns

Great protection and water resistant
– comes in 10 packs.

Primed Nitrile Gloves

Medical nitrile gloves in 150ct and 200ct.

Halyard Aquasoft Nitrile

Medical nitrile gloves in 300ct.

Advancare Nitrile Gloves

Medical nitrile gloves in 100ct.

Optim33 Wipes

Disinfectant hydrogen peroxide wipes – 160ct

Cavi Wipes

Disinfectant hydrogen peroxide wipes – 160ct


Disinfectant hydrogen peroxide wipes – 160ct

Halyad Purple

Medical nitrile gloves in 100ct.

Level 3 mask with visor

25 masks per box

Aastm Level 3 masks

50 masks per box

MEdical latex gloves

Medical latex gloves in 100ct.

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